Bone Marrow Drive @ Night It Up! 2013

OtherHalf – Chinese Stem Cell Initiative is an organization devoted to help increase the number of registrants of Chinese origin in the stem cell registry with OneMatch. On the weekend of July 12, 2013, the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon at McMaster University and University of Toronto worked alongside OtherHalf at the Night It Up Asian night market.

With the fresh aromas of various street foods in the air, the brothers were hard at work recruiting potential bone marrow donors.  Signs stating, “REAL MEN SAVE LIVES” and “FOLLOW ME TO HELP SAVE A LIFE” were used to promote the cause and aided in being icebreakers with the crowd.

Not only was this past weekend significant to help promote OtherHalf’s cause, it was a weekend dedicated to help the Save Nina! campaign. Diagnosed with Lymphoma, Nina, a sister of alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Inc, only has about 1 month to find a bone marrow donor.  With that in mind, Lambda Phi Epsilon has dedicated themselves to help promote the campaign coast to coast.

The brother’s efforts along with the efforts of many volunteers resulted in the addition of over 300 registrants over the past weekend. We thank all donors for their time and selflessness, and wish Nina the best of luck with finding a donor.

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