McMaster – Lambda Phi Epsilon Installs 2013

The long awaited installation of the Alpha, Beta and Gamma classes of Lambda Phi Epsilon at McMaster University finally came to an end on the evening of Saturday August 31, 2013.

Installs is a special festivity, celebrating the successes of an academic year as well as honoring the classes who have crossed into the brotherhood. Installs for many, is deemed as a right of passage for all newly crossed brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon. It consists of many performances and showcases presented by each class being installed. This gives the opportunity for all loved ones and fellow brothers a glimpse of what brothers have been up to within the past year and gives further insight into the culture of Lambda Phi Epsilon.

Hosted at the Grand Olympia in Stoney Creek, Ontario, it was definitely an elegant and unforgettable night filled with great entertainment, atmosphere and company. Brothers and guests slowly made their way into the banquet hall and socialized while enjoying the various refreshments at the bar. Many took this night as an opportunity to catch up, meet new people, get photo ops and most importantly, have fun. Shout outs go out to our MCs of the night: Ernest “Overtone” Chan and Jackey “Fobulous” Ng for being such entertaining and organized hosts!

Everyone took their seats while the servers  brought out the appetizers. The menu consisted of a Caesar salad as a starter, followed by some pasta.  The main course consisted of a plate of roast beef, chicken, mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes. Finally, the dessert arrived, which was a beautifully plated and delicious vanilla ice cream crepe. With everyone’s content appetites and glasses full of refreshments, it was time to start the show.

Highlights of the night included the spectacular showcases presented by:

Alpha Aces led by their Pledge Dad, Eric “D.N.A.” Wing
Beta Beserkers, led by their Pledge Dad, Chris “B.I.O.S.” Hayes
Gamma Generals, led by their Pledge Dad, Bao Tam “TeknIQ” Nguyen

A honorary mention goes out to all the award winners of the night.

Dynamic Duo:
Philip “McCoy” Chong
Eric “D.N.A.” Wing

Most Academic Brother:
Ernest “Overtone” Chan
Dan “I.S.O.” Armena

Alumni Recognition:
Ernest “Overtone” Chan

Heart of the Chapter:
Eric “D.N.A.” Wing
Don “Show-Time” Nguyen

Brother of the Year:
Philip “McCoy” Chong

Congratulations to all the installed classes, their Pledge Dads, and all award winning recipients for your accomplishments.

Another honorable mention goes out to our Installs Chair and MLA 2012-2013: Raymond “Symba” Ang and “Ernest “Overtone” Chan for putting in countless hours into organizing, planning and coordinating the event.

And finally, we’d like to thank the brothers of Nu and Alpha Xi Chapter, sisters of Toronto aKDPhi, significant others, dates and guests for coming out to support our chapter’s very own first Installs.  Without you guys, the night wouldn’t have been as entertaining and successful as it was. We hope everyone had an amazing time and hope to see many familiar faces again next year!

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Canada Cup – First Annual Brotherhood Sports+BBQ Day

Sunday August 18, 2013 marked what would be the first annual brotherhood sports and BBQ day for the Canadian chapters of Lambda Phi Epsilon, Alpha Xi Chapter – University of Toronto and McMaster University.

The day consisted of many exciting and competitive sports such as touch football, softball, basketball, some volleyball, handball and a 100m sprint.  Many alumni, active brothers as well as guests from both chapters were excited for what’s to come as the day went on.  Competition started to get heated as more brothers and guests showed up. While the sun shone brightly all day, we started it off with some touch football, followed by a short game of softball.  We ended the sports portion of the day with some basketball, handball and volleyball and the highly anticipated 100m sprint.  Jason “Chimera” Lau, an alumni from Alpha Xi Chapter – University of Toronto, destroyed the competition during the 100m sprint, crowning him the winner of the Canada Cup.

As we wrapped up the sports portion of day, Jason graciously offered his house as a venue to host the potluck BBQ.  More brothers and guests arrived later in the night as our appetites were filled with an assortment of food and beverages.

Among the many things we value within the Fraternity, Brotherhood is definitely one of the pinnacles of what it means to be apart of Lambda Phi Epsilon. To have a group of individuals you can be proud to call family.   It was a great day to catch up, meet new brothers and to just simply enjoy ourselves. I would like to thank all brothers and guests for coming out and showing support to what will definitely be an even bigger success as the years go on. Until next year.