Canada Cup – First Annual Brotherhood Sports+BBQ Day

Sunday August 18, 2013 marked what would be the first annual brotherhood sports and BBQ day for the Canadian chapters of Lambda Phi Epsilon, Alpha Xi Chapter – University of Toronto and McMaster University.

The day consisted of many exciting and competitive sports such as touch football, softball, basketball, some volleyball, handball and a 100m sprint.  Many alumni, active brothers as well as guests from both chapters were excited for what’s to come as the day went on.  Competition started to get heated as more brothers and guests showed up. While the sun shone brightly all day, we started it off with some touch football, followed by a short game of softball.  We ended the sports portion of the day with some basketball, handball and volleyball and the highly anticipated 100m sprint.  Jason “Chimera” Lau, an alumni from Alpha Xi Chapter – University of Toronto, destroyed the competition during the 100m sprint, crowning him the winner of the Canada Cup.

As we wrapped up the sports portion of day, Jason graciously offered his house as a venue to host the potluck BBQ.  More brothers and guests arrived later in the night as our appetites were filled with an assortment of food and beverages.

Among the many things we value within the Fraternity, Brotherhood is definitely one of the pinnacles of what it means to be apart of Lambda Phi Epsilon. To have a group of individuals you can be proud to call family.   It was a great day to catch up, meet new brothers and to just simply enjoy ourselves. I would like to thank all brothers and guests for coming out and showing support to what will definitely be an even bigger success as the years go on. Until next year.