Relay For Life 2014

On the evening of March 14th 2014, the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon at McMaster University participated in Relay for Life; an overnight event hosted at McMaster and organized by the Canadian Cancer Society to fundraise money for cancer research and patient care. Furthermore, to raise awareness for those who are fighting with, fought with, or passed away due to this disease. Over the past month, a valiant effort was made by the brothers, whom successfully raised $659.45 towards the cause.

After contacting the executives for this event, a few brothers volunteered to help set up, carry out, and cleanup. The brothers organized the registration tables, distribution of foods/drinks, and guided the participants to their destination. Not only did they participate in the 12 hour long event, they also volunteered to facilitate and coordinate the event.

The brothers participated for those who are affected by cancer; whether it be the individuals inflicted by it or the people surrounding them. We cannot stop the ongoing of this disease by relaying, but in doing so, the brothers hoped to help improve the lives of those suffering from it, and as a remembrance for the lives lost by it. This may only be a small step to better the lives of those affected, but we can only hope our efforts have made a positive difference in the community we live in. Until next year.

-Takeshi Kanaya
Philanthropy Chair