The Zeta Class Crossing – Fall 2015

On December 5, 2015, twelve men crossed the line into eternal brotherhood. Each known separately by their fraternity aliases:

Michael “Loki” Li (#41)
Max “Deathstroke” Manglal-Lan (#42)
Wilson “El Santo” Chan (#43)
Adam “DOOM” Guo (#44)
Ferdous “GZ” Bhuiyan (#45)
Richard “STARK” Zhang (#46)
Ritchie “Nitro” Zhou (#47)
David “Hercules” Seo (#48)
Jason “AWAKENED” Tsai (#49)
Ming “Mr. Frodo” Wang (#50)
Jason “Paddington” Tong (#51)
Justin “Preppy Le Pew” Weng (#52)

but as a cohesive TEAM form the Zeta Zeniths. Congratulations to the 12 gentlemen for officially becoming Mac Lambda’s 6th class!

Also, a big congratulations to the Pledge Dad, Dan “ISO” Armena and Assistant Pledge Dad, Peter “Shockwave” Guan for the countless hard work and effort to ensure the values of Lambda Phi Epsilon are instilled into the future generations of our chapter. Lastly, congratulations to all the big brothers who chose this term.