Lambda Phi Epsilon was formed on February 25, 1981 at the University of California, Los Angeles. Led by principal founder, Master Craig Ishigo, he and Mr. Darryl L. Mu signed the charter as President and Vice President, respectively.

Hoping to transcend the traditional boundaries of national origins, the founders aimed to create an organization that would set new standards of excellence within the Asian American community, develop leaders within each of the member’s respective community, and bridge the gaps between those communities.

The nineteen Founding Fathers of Lambda Phi Epsilon are:

Mr. Hunter Chang, Mr. Randy Fujimoto, Mr. John Hanvey, Master Craig Ishigo, Mr. Jeff Kaku, Mr. Bobby Kawai, Mr. Dean Kumagawa, Mr. Jim Lee, Mr. Bruce Mau, Mr. Ted Mihara, Mr. Neil Miyazaki, Mr. Darryl L. Mu, Mr. Kelvin Sakai, Mr. Kevin Shida, Mr. Albert Sun, Mr. Weyton Tam, Mr. Jamie Watanabe, Mr. Bennet Wong, Mr. Fred Wong.

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