Our Four Pillars


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  • Education is an important aspect this fraternity strives for, in excellence and achievement. It is important for individual students to stimulate their minds and develop good work habits.
  • Study sessions are organized by the Academic Chair, which involves Brothers from McMaster University  to encourage and improve academic grades. Assistance between Brothers insures students the aid if needed during difficult times.
  • The book bank is another valuable resource which the fraternity offers to Brothers. McMaster Alumni or older Brothers who have purchased textbooks and kept old notes have generously donated to the Mac Lambda Archives.


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  • Brotherhood is a crucial feature that defines Lambda Phi Epsilon. It is an amazing bond between Brothers that is difficult to explain. It is more than an organization or club, Brotherhood is your additional family.
  • The fraternity in addition embraces in a big brother program. The big brother program allows older Brothers of the fraternity to mentor and guide the younger brother through life.


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  • Volunteering is a huge importance to the fraternity as we strive to assist the community in various philanthropy events. The philanthropy chair organizes philanthropy events by contacting large organizations and notifying brothers the events available for volunteering.
  • One of Lambda Phi Epsilon’s largest philanthropy is “Get Swabbed”, a stem cell drive to help increase the numbers for bone barrow matches.


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  • Social events are fun and relaxing times to reconnect with brothers or other Greek organizations. Social events can vary from internal brotherhood events to external Lambda Phi Epsilon meet ups for example Convention. Having social events encourages everyone to have a great time and to strengthen better relationships.
  •  Road Trips and Convention are popular and anticipated events among brother and is a valuable experience to reunite with our other Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternities from around the globe.


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