Academics Study Session

Short: Every brother has a commitment to reach their fullest potential; achieving academic excellence is one of the ways a Lambda shows this dedication.

Long: Our fraternity understands the ultimate goal of attending university is to learn and advance one’s
knowledge. Performing well in academics is a stepping stone towards a brighter future. We uphold
academics as one of our four pillars because we want all our brothers to continue to be leaders even
after they leave campus. To ensure academic excellence, we maintain textbook and test
banks that will be useful in aiding those in need of academic help.

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  • Education is an important aspect this fraternity strives for, in excellence and achievement. It is important for individual students to stimulate their minds and develop good work habits.
  • Study sessions are organized by the Academic Chair, which is provided to help the brothers and improve their study habits and GPA. Assistance between Brothers insures students the aid if needed during difficult times.
  • The book bank is another valuable resource which the fraternity offers to the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon. Alumni or older brothers who have purchased textbooks and kept old notes have generously donated to the Mac Lambda Archives.



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