Short: Lambda Phi Epsilon are IMG_20130707_182008constantly involved in volunteering for worthy causes. We dedicate our time to help others to make a difference for the better.

Long: Brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon pride themselves on their commitment to community service. It is important for us to make the effort towards the betterment of our community. Through giving back, by participating in philanthropy events, we believe it not only helps those in need, but it also serves as a character building experience to becoming “leaders among men”. We hold philanthropy events both on campus and also off campus with non-profit organizations around Hamilton.


Volunteering Experiences:

  • One of Lambda Phi Epsilon’s largest philanthropy is a stem cell drive, where we recruit potential donors to increase the chances of finding bone marrow matches.
  • Some philanthropy events Mac Lambdas have participated in are; Relay for Life, Blood Donations, Community Cleanups, Food Banks, and Movember.
  • Philanthropy events are more enjoyable when our brothers are participating together.
  • The philanthropy chair organizes philanthropy events by contacting large organizations and notifying brothers the events available for volunteering.

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