10525991_10102720165798012_3159933984071249060_nSocial Mac and T.O. Lambdas with T.O. Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Christmas

Short: Our fraternity provides an opportunity to reach a much wider social circle that spans beyond just the confines of campus.

Long: Each Lambda has access to a wide alumni network that spans the globe which can serve as a powerful tool in planning one’s future. Lambda Phi Epsilon also hosts nationwide meetings that allow for brothers from across the country to converge. These meetings, such as the annual convention, are a way for brothers to meet new friends from places that otherwise they would never have the opportunity to go. We provide a means for brothers to socialize with others to increase their networking potential.




  • Social events are fun and relaxing times to reconnect with brothers, other Greek organizations, friends and colleagues.
  • Brotherhood events include external Lambda Phi Epsilon meet ups, such as our National Convention. Having social events encourages everyone to enjoy themselves and to strengthen better relationships.
  • Road trips, Regional and National events are popular and anticipated events among brothers and is a valuable experience to reunite with other Lambda Phi Epsilon brothers from around the globe.

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